This great product can lift you out of trouble in seconds, whether you’re stuck on soft sand, pinned on a rock or battling a flat tire, this airjack can help…



  • The Escape Gear Airjack can lift 2.5 Ton.
  • Can be inflated with either your vehicles exhaust gasses or a compressor.
  • Quick-release pressure valve for easy deflation.
  • Durable heavy duty rubber top and bottom for added strength – illuminates the need to use a separate rubber mat for protection from cuts and abrasion.
  • Works effectively even on soft sand and mud.
  • No jacking points or special mounting brackets are required.
  • Far reaching 6M dragline hose with heat resistant silicone exhaust cone.
  • Handy carry bag included.

Color Options

Dimensions – 630mm (L) x 450mm (B) x 760mm (H)


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